Ben Bondy has put out a new self-titled album on New York label Quiet Time.

Bondy is a DJ-producer based in Brooklyn, New York, and XLR8R+ subscribers will likely already be familiar with his work. In December 2020, we closed a tumultuous year with a collection of transfixing dub and downtempo that included Bondy’s “Poison The Well” plus a collaboration with Opheliaxz called “Dust On The Floor.” Alongside Exael, Pontiac Streator, and Huerco S., he forms part of a tight-knit crew of producers that came together in Kansas, where they began sharing their work through Terry Radio, a semi-functioning internet radio station. Today, they flutter around labels like West Mineral Ltd., Experiences LTD, and Lillerne Tapes.

Created in 2020, this collection is a “startlingly intimate and personal body of work worthy of the self-title,” we’re told. All six tracks capture a “tender moment” in Bondy’s artistic timeline and together form a diary.

“Every sound on this record is a piece of my heart—moments I savour on the tip of my tongue—sweet, bitter, confusing,” Bondy tells XLR8R. “Something that made itself without me knowing it was happening. Something I had to look back on to taste.”

Earlier this year, Bondy put out Camo on Good Morning Tapes. For more information on his work, check out his XLR8R podcast here.

Artwork comes from Martin Tzonev.


01. Everything I Can’t Be
02. Wish
03. A Place I Know
04. Dream Bleed
05. Butterfly Chair
06. The Only Part of You I Ever Really Needed

Ben Bondy LP is available now. You can order it here and stream it in full below.