Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano are set to release the score for the “Everything” computer game.

Erased Tapes‘ Ben Lukas Boysen is no stranger to scoring and sound design. Under his HECQ alias, Boysen has scored films, commercials, museums, and video games for places like The Barbican, Audi, Lenovo, Alien Rage, Lexus, and many others.

Boysen’s latest project is a score for David O’Reilly’s “Everything” video game, made in collaboration with composer Sebastian Plano and narrated by Alan Watts. “Everything” brings the player into an all-encompassing world where they are in complete control of interaction, design, and construction. Whether you decide to take the role of a microbe inside a plant in the desert or a star in the furthermost galaxy, each layer of the game is coated with ambiance “which takes the simulation even further into the limitless boundaries of each world,” the label explains.

Though the score has an important part to play in heightening the atmosphere of the game, it has the capability of being a standalone album, which will be out physically July 28 via Erased Tapes.


01. Opening
02. We’re Here
03. Winding And Unwinding
04. Eisenach
05. An Infinite Day
06. Opening Light
07. Aalystice
08. Inside Air
09. After Our Efforts
10. Reaching Light

In advance of the release, “Winding And Unwinding” is streamable in full below.