It’s been a while (and by that, we mean years) since the world heard anything from Midwest Product, but, as is usually the case, the band’s respective members haven’t given up music altogether. Ben Mullins, also of Ghostly outfit PostPrior, has assumed a new moniker, Ben Benjamin, and will release his solo debut.

Mullins’ time spent with the aforementioned outfits is evident on The Many Moods of Ben Benjamin Vol. 1. Thank god. It’s been too long since we’ve heard his emotional, guitar-meets-computer-driven songwriting, and Mullins pulls from both the fast, staccato rhythms of PostPrior and the ethereal melodies of Midwest Product on this new album. As for moods, Mullins displays a few here, though on first listen there would appear to always be an undertone of melancholy in the tracks.

The disc will be available exclusively through iTunes on December 18. But why settle for digital, when you can get a limited-edition CD version at The Ghostly Store shortly thereafter?

1. Blake Bloodaxe
2. Chamber
3. Selective Periphera
4. Hypertexan
5. Sassy Blanche
6. Butane Wayne
7. Famous Cruises Through Customs
9. Toothlike Tokens
10. Sideways Cerebus
11. Chixen
12. Temporary Texan
13. Fishin’ For Coldy Winds