It was over a year ago when London techno veteran Ben Sims delivered his podcast for XLR8R, and the DJ/producer has certainly kept busy releasing loads of 12″s and EPs in the meantime. For his next record, Sims has announced that he’ll issue his first installment of Fabric‘s ongoing series of mix albums. Fabric 73 is a massive, 44-track excursion through “advanced” and “spirited” techno which seems to touch on many disparate corners of the sound—including music from stalwarts such as Robert Hood, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Surgeon, and Trevino, as well as younger artists like L-Vis 1990, Gingy & Bordello, Benjamin Damage, and Clouds, not to mention plenty of productions from Sims himself. According to its press release, “Fabric 73 was mixed live in sections, with Sims then poring over details, adding edits, and stitching the various parts together in Ableton to form a master mix,” and features “no less than 18 unreleased tracks,” some of which the mixmaster has refrained from playing out before the release of his mix album. Before that date arrives on December 2, the artwork and tracklist for Ben Sims’ Fabric 73 can be found below.

01 Joton ­- GS 01 [Mastertraxx]
02 Kryptic Minds & Paul Mac -­ Icon [Tactical]
03 Kirk Degiorgio -­ Dread [Machine]
04 Alden Tyrell -­ Wurk It [Clone Jack For Daze]
05 Ben Sims -­ The Little Jam (Edit) [Theory]
06 Floorplan ­- Higher (Ben Sims Remix) [M­Plant]
07 Gingy & Bordello ­- All Day (Robert Hood Remix) [Turbo]
08 Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search -­ Monopole (Sims JFF Edit) [A&S]
09 Tripeo ­ Kienokki (Edit) [Theory]
10 Benjamin Damage -­ Recursion [50WEAPONS]
11 Ben Sims ­- Raise Your Hands (Mr G Remix) [Theory]
12 Mark Broom ­- 133 [Beard Man]
13 MDL vs JR ­- Belmont (Edit) [Theory]
14 Marcel Dettmann ­- Corebox (James Ruskin Blueprint Mix) [MDR]
15 Mark Ambrose -­ Shooting Stars (Fokus Group Remix Edit) [Theory]
16 Robert Hood -­ Moveable Parts (Untitled 1 ­ Mark Broom Edit) [M­Plant]
17 Ben Sims -­ Break Glass (Sims Remix Edit) [Theory]
18 L-­Vis 1990 ­- SDS5000 [Clone Jack For Daze]
19 Sandrien -­ I Left My Girlfriend In A Club (Edit) [Theory] 20 J Tijn ­ U U U [WNCL]
21 Nphonix -­ Tactix (Sims JFF Edit) [Audio Culture]
22 Mike Dehnert -­ Eigenzeit [Fachwerk]
23 Ben Sims ­- Break Glass (L­Vis 1990 Dance System Remix Edit) [Theory]
24 L-­Vis 1990 -­ Wires [Clone Jack For Daze]
25 Donnie Tempo ­- Tazmanian Virus (Sims JFF Edit) [moreaboutmusic]
26 Chicago Skyway ­- Fall Down (Sims JFF Edit) [unreleased]
27 Chicago Skyway -­ Ride 3 (Sims JFF Edit) [unreleased]
28 Truncate ­- Room Mode [Truncate]
29 Truncate -­ Model 1 [Truncate]
30 Paul Mac ­- Grind Returns (Ritzi Lee Remix) [Stimulus]
31 Ben Sims -­ Samurai (Edit) [Theory]
32 Julien H Mulder -­ Symmetric Timeline (Sims JFF Edit) [Färden]
33 Rod ­- 90’s (Edit) [unreleased]
34 Ben Sims ­- Something (Sims Beats Mix Edit) [Theory]
35 Terrence Dixon -­ Minimalism A1 (Ben Klock Remix) [Sino / Technorient]
36 Ø [Phase] ­- Distracted [Token / N.E.W.S.]
37 Ben Sims ­- Dream State (Edit) [Theory]
38 Ben Sims ­- Raw Hide [Theory]
39 Pfirter ­- Ahora (Sims JFF Edit) [Mindtrip]
40 Ben Sims -­ Neurosis (Surgeon Remix Edit) [Theory]
41 Clouds ­- Chained To A Dead Camel [Overlee Assembly]
42 Fokus Group -­ Nut Nut [Pennyroyal]
43 Ben Sims ­- Joyrider (Trevino Remix Edit) [Theory]
44 Special Request -­ Broken Dreams [Houndstooth]