Seattle’s Thomas Meluch (a.k.a Benoît Pioulard) and Ann Arbor’s Sean Curtis Patrick have released their first collaborative ambient LP, Avocationals

Out today on Portland’s Beacon Sound across vinyl and digital formats, the album derives its tonal representation from the many shipwrecks that occurred in the Great Lakes during the 20th century and the spirits of those who passed with them. It’s said to explore a hazy world with experimental aesthetics at every root, and features synthesizers, reel-to-reel tape machines, field recordings, guitar, and processed vocals. 

The album was mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll, NYC, with the vinyl run limited to 300. The graphite, charcoal, and collage cover art has been contributed by Sean Curtis Patrick’s father, Lynn Curtis Patrick, titled “The Sinking Of The Bradley” (1983). 

Benoît Pioulard and Sean Curtis Patrick add: “An avocational is an amateur diver who assists in rescue, investigation, and salvage relating to watercraft disasters. Thousands of freighters and small ships sank during the mid-20th century golden age of shipping on the Great Lakes; this album is about nine of them.” 

Pioulard, who weaves natural sounds and textures of decay into his vague-pop songs, has contributed albums to Kranky, Beacon Sound, and Morr Music.  

Sean Curtis Patrick is a visual artist, photographer, adventurer, and musician. In 2018, he directed and soundtracked a documentary about the devastation of Puerto Rico after the hurricanes of 2017. 


01. Zenava

02. Stonefax

03. Furia

04. Marlen

05. Sunek

06. Nordmeer

07. Leadale

08. Cabot

09. Eaglescliffe 

Avocationals LP lands today on Portland’s Beacon Sound, with “Marlen” streaming below, and pre-order for the limited edition vinyl print here