Most know Michigan-based Thomas Meluch as a member of the Ghostly International crew. Now the 20-year old producer wants to acquaint you with a different side of himself as he releases Precis, the full-length under his moniker Benoit Pioulard. Steeped in dark guitars chords and vocals, the album melds folk sensibilities with found sound and experimental, and shows off the multi-instrumentalist side of Meluch he’s been cultivating for years.

Precis is out October 16, 2006 on Kranky

1. La Guerre de Sept Ans
2. Together & Down
3. Ext. Leslie Park
4. Triggering Back
5. Moth Wings
6. Alan & Dawn
7. Corpus Chant
8. Palimend
9. Coup de Foudre
10. Hirondelle
11. Neddle & Thread
12. R Coloring
13. Sous la Plage
14. Patter
15. Ash Into the Sky