The XLR8R staff has polled our favorite labels, producers, graphic designers, clothing companies, and friends to find out what was hot in the world of music technology this year. Read on to find out the undisputed winners of 2006.

Serato Scratch Live
Hands down, Serato Scratch Live is running things. There’s nothing like playing your own remix for a dancefloor the night you make it. Now if only every club were to install a Rane TTM57 (their
mixer with Serato built in)…
Ross Hogg, XLR8R writer

It’s simple and works great. I’ve been waiting for something other than Final Scratch… Plus, Serato’s other software is some of the best quality-sounding programs I’ve ever used.
Jimmy Edgar, Warp Records

Serato still murders all competition.
Mats Karlsson, Raw Fusion

Rane got it right. No bugs, easy to use, sounds great, fits in your pocket (almost). Never go back.
Kid Kameleon, XLR8R writer

Ableton Live 6
I think what Ableton Live is doing, and where it’s going, is a very special and exciting addition to the electronic-music live-performance scene. Each version they release is even more flexible than the last,
and has a pretty open door when it comes to abusing it.
Andy Dixon, Ache Records

The best just got better…
Deadbeat, ~scape

Honestly, I don’t know a musician who doesn’t use it and, what’s more, almost every musician I know uses it differently. Its malleable interface allows you to pretty much do whatever you want. And, no, I don’t work for them.
Jason Forrest, Cock Rock Disco

You could have just said [version] 5 and it would have been all good, but 6 is off the hook for the splash screen alone!
Subtitle, Alpha Pup/GSL

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