The XLR8R staff has polled our favorite labels, producers, graphic designers, clothing companies, and friends to find out the fashion favorites of 2006 and those trends that elicited nothing but hate.

Best Style Trends

Neon Colors
I think when they tried to editor be big in the early ’90s, they didn’t do it right. Combine bold neon colors with minimalism and now you’re on to something!
Jimmy Edgar, Warp Records

Skinny Jeans
Easier than scouring thrift stores for the right vintage fit, skinny jeans have popped up everywhere. Even your mom is wearing them, but who cares? Looking good has never been this easy.
Josiah Hughes, XLR8R writer

Kindergarden Chic
It’s not exactly new, and it might be the latest manifestation of ’80s fashion revivalism, but you gotta love scensters rockin’ Lee jeans, horizontally-striped polo shirts, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Keds sneakers. I especially love the girls in denim jumpers that call to mind Osh Kosh B’Gosh.
Leslie Hermelin, Mute

Sunglasses On Women.
Mathias Modica, Munk/Gomma

Neither the all-over-print hoodie or track bike could win any love in 2006.

Worst Style Trends

All-Over-Print Streetwear
Yeah, I know, I know. It’s the hottest shit in streetwear, but let’s be really real for a minute: The all-over pattern look is the postmillennial version of Generra Hypercolor.
Ross Hogg, XLR8R writer

The T.H.T.H. hat and all-over print anything is the worst. You look like giant infants.
Justin Kay, Industrial-Organic

There emerged a new breed of male this year, notable for their pajama tops–I mean, all-over-print hoodies–and plastic day-glo pastel sneakers. They enjoy standing in line for four days for the privilege of spending $350 on a pair of wack AF1 knock-offs and sweating each other’s limited-edition handkerchiefs. Bret Pittman, UARM

Please stop the onslaught. Enough is enough. What’s next? Polka dots galore?
Emmet Keane, Answer

I can’t even wear my A Bathing Ape zip-up anymore because “Benj” from Good Charlotte has the same one
and him and Steve Aoki wear theirs at the same time on Tuesday. Damn Los Angeles nights…
Subtitle, Alpha Pup/GSL

Beards And Irony
I’m not sure if these are the same thing. I can’t tell anymore. I like the idea of saying ‘Fuck you’ to high fashion, but that doesn’t necessarily justify looking like an abusive dad.
Andy Dixon, Ache Records

Bandanas around the neck for 2006 were 2005’s sweatbands. I mean, c’mon, you’re not really an outlaw. Celeste Tabora, Solid PR

High-waisted Jeans
I am sorry, but wearing pants that have you looking like a homeless 60-year-old woman at a bus stop talking to herself is not even vaguely attractive, and you can’t play the irony card, either. What, it’s ironic that you spent hundreds of dollars to look like your grandmother? Actually, maybe it is…
Caural, Mush recording artist

“Rave is back”
New rave? Whatever happened to rave, keep it rave (insert smiley face here).
Tim Everist, Schwipe

Afghan Kefia Scarves
I hate those fucking things more than anything. Also those mutli-colored Fresh Prince rip-off hats that were coming out of NYC’s Nolita/ Broadway Ave. that you see every dickwad wearing. Even when I went to Europe, I saw dudes from NYC wearing both there. I couldn’t escape it.
Patrick Rood, Dirty Down DJ/promoter

In the history of modern footwear, never has an item so repulsive come to such international acclaim. From Jared Leto to your Ben Harper-loving coworker, everyone wants to put their feet in these holey pieces of
Josiah Hughes, XLR8R writer

Track Bikes
Hipsters and their brake-less bikes. Don’t judge me ’cause I use brakes and don’t have tattoos.
David Ma, XLR8R writer

Ladies will have to learn to pick up their feet once again.
Fat Jon, Five Deez

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