One of the only producers that can tastefully straddle the lines dividing pastoral folk songs, hazy beat music, funky soul jams, smooth pop confections, and fiery synth explosions, UK-based artist Bibio has a brand-new full-length album of such eclectic tunes coming down the line. Mind Bokeh will be released on March 29 and April 4 in the US and UK respectively, and features 12 songs, including a supposed tribute to Thin Lizzy. (FYI: A “bokeh” is a Japanese word for the portion of a photo not in focus.) Below, you can check out the album’s artwork and tracklist, as well as a short teaser for Mind Bokeh with samples of its songs riddled throughout. Try to guess which portion is from the Thin Lizzy tribute song (it should be pretty obvious). (via Pitchfork)

01 Excuses
02 Pretentious
03 Anything New
04 Wake Up!
05 Light Seep
06 Take Off Your Shirt
07 Artists’ Valley
08 K Is for Kelson
09 Mind Bokeh
10 More Excuses
11 Feminine Eye
12 Saint Christopher