Turkish producer and RBMA alumnus Pinar Üzeltüzenci (a.k.a. Biblo) will release her fourth album, Absence, in late November. The Istanbul-based artist—whose subtle, clicky soundscapes have made regularappearances in XLR8R‘s Downloads section over the years—is said to take a period of upheaval in both her personal life and the life of the Turkish nation as inspiration for her forthcoming album, which will find Üzeltüzenci continuing to explore the emotional, haunting moods that are her trademark.

The Absence LP will see its official release on November 24 via the c.sides imprint. In the meantime, a teaser video for the LP can be watched below, where we’ve also included the upcoming record’s artwork and full tracklist.

1 What
2 Ex Cathedra
3 Immune
4 Lateral
5 Watching
6 Rot
7 Risk
8 Doom Machine
9 Our Sin
10 Forest in an Ocean
11 Hell Sent
12 Wall of Fear
13 Hyperstasis

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