Bicep—the Belfast-born, London-based duo of Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson—have today announced “Vale,” the third track to be taken from their eponymous debut album.

The album Bicep is said to be the “perfect summation of the duo’s career to date; it’s a sonic tour of their history touching the cornerstones of underground club culture,” says the label. “Matt and Andy have pulled off the rarest of feats, to make a singularly unique electronic record founded on the blueprint of classic house, techno, electro, and Italo disco, but flipped and morphed into a fresh design bearing the unique Bicep sonic signature,” Ninja Tune, the label, explains.

“Vale,” streaming above, is a sprawling and atmospheric house cut, beautifully illustrating the album’’s sentimentality.


01. Orca
02 .Glue
03. Kites
04. Vespa
05. Ayaya
06. Spring
07. Drift
08. Opal
09. Rain
10. Ayr
11. Vale
12. Aura