Cabaret Records will soon release an eight-track label compilation, titled Alien Family.

Included on the compilation are tracks from artists who have already linked with the label, including Binh, Evan Baggs, TC80, and U-More. In addition to this are some new faces or projects, most notably Ekbox—the collaboration of Evan Baggs and Katsuya Sano—and Evideon, a new alias of Spacetravel.


A1. Binh “Wova”
A2. U-More “Lost Up There”
B1. Evan Baggs “AZS”
B2. S-Audio “Remote Circuit”
C1. EK Box “Watair”
C2. TC80 “Flake”
D1. So Inagawa “Solitary Affair”
D2. Evideon “Game Over”

Alien Family is scheduled for July release, with clips streamable below.