Bisc1 continues his mission of spelling out urban life on his first full-length, When Electric Night Falls, out today on indie hip-hop imprint Embedded. The album picks up where his Basics EP and The Stay Up Project mixtape left off, with the Queens-based MC rapping about the grit and grime of urban living while electro-infused hip-hop beats play in the background.

Since Bisc keeps busy during the day designing album art for the likes of Aesop Rock, EL-P, and Murs, the bulk of WENF was recorded in the evening. It follows then, that its lyrical themes concern things like late-night trips on the subway, graffiti, vice, and all those other wonderful activities that occur when the sun goes down.

Download “Turbulence”

1. Night Fall
2. Turbulence
3. Parallels
4. Pandemonium
5. Paranoid feat. Esen & Grimace
6. Sidelines
7. Fire N’ Ice feat. Mariella
8. Unconditional
9. Strange Love feat. MeresTD4
10. Another Day
11. Inner-Mood
12. Great Escape