Bjarki will release his next EP as Cucumb45.

Icelandic techno producer Bjarki Runar Sigurdarson is set to put out his first EP as Cucumb45 on his own imprint, bbbbbb. The label was launched earlier this month by Sigurdarson and longtime friend Johnny Chrome Silver, with a reissue of X-Static‘s hardcore classic My Inspiration.

The sophomore release on the imprint will be a solo five-tracker by Sigurdarson, entitled Something Weirdcore. Listeners can expect a broad selection of cuts, featuring “elements of jungle, breakbeat, techno and rave.”

Something Weirdcore will be released March 24.


A1. Something Weirdcore4
A2. Karate Latte [Heep Mix4]
B1. Akureyri
B2. 14 Comatack 3
B3. Music For Advertising