Bjarki, born Bjarki Runar Sigurdarson, will relaunch bbbbbb recors with a new single called “Rave Daddy.”

Launched in 2016, bbbbbb recors is a project that introduced raw and off-kilter electro and techno projections from a wealth of Iceland’s finest electronic music talents, including Volruptus, EOD, and Kuldaboli alongside Sigurdarson under various guises. There were also left-of-centre projects such as Icelandic rock band Skrattar’s Hellraiser IV.

After a short hiatus to “realign and redevelop the ethos and direction of the project,” we’re told, the project is now back with the first new material in 18 months—and Sigurdarson has brought London artist Thomas Harrington-Rawle in as the visual art director for the new chapter.

“Thomas and I have been friends since the pandemic. I reached out after watching his Care More episode on ‘Nowness’ and was amazed by the emotional rollercoaster he could create. Balancing humour and seriousness can be challenging, but he does it exceptionally well,” Sigurdarson says.

Another production exploring the narrowing lines between perception and reality, “Rave Daddy” is a warping, trippy, and twisted cut sprinkled with playfulness and humour.

Its inspiration stems from an Icelandic tradition where fathers engage in a dance endurance contest to showcase their dancing stamina. In 2010, Sigurdarson’s father participated and emerged as the winner among 150 dads, securing first place.

Remixes of the single with arrive in August from Ploy and DJ Baba.


01. Rave Daddy

“Rave Daddy” is out now via bbbbbb recors, with a stream below.