Bjarki and Johnny Chrome Silver’s bbbbbb Records label is set to release a new EP from EOD (a.k.a Stian Gjevik), titled Swuritled.

Although EOD has previously released on imprints including Rephlex and WeMe Records, it was actually on Soundcloud that Bjarki discovered EOD’s music. After getting in touch, gigabytes of unheard music dating back to 2002 were exchanged, all of which was made without the use of a PC.

According to the label, the release sees the Norwegian-born producer deliver “four productions channeling ambient, electro, and hard bloody techno.” It is, they say, “a must listen for fans of melodic electro and an exciting move from a label that continues to challenge all our fucking expectations.”


01. Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix)
02. Evenhark
03. Swarm

Swurlk EP is scheduled for June 9 release.