Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas, have announced a collaborative LP, titled Square One.

Both artists have been central figures in the Norwegian electronic music scene for many years, and have known each other for more than two decades—but this is the first time one of their collaborations has been released to the masses.

The LP stemmed from a plan for Torske to remix Thomas’ album Principe Del Norte, but it morphed into the idea of a collaborative album between the two at the suggestion of Smalltown’s Joakim Haugland. “We agreed to this, and went in [the studio] with no plan and just recorded by pure fancy,” says Torske.


01. On U
02. Arthur
03. 12 Volt
04. K16 Del 1
05. Steintongt
06. Kappe Tre
07. Arthur’s Return

Square One will see release on July 14 via Smalltown Supersound, with “Arthur” streamable in full below.