BL_K NOISE has new material on the way from Hypoxia.

Moe Espinosa (a.k.a. Drumcell) released his first material as Hypoxia last year—the experimental four-track EP A Constant Preparation For Loss. The latest release from the project (Unwilling Suspension of Disbelief) is comprised of two improvised pieces of music, which were captured in front of a live audience in two cities on two continents.

First up is “Active Tension,” a recording that was made at BL_K NOISE’s debut label showcase in Los Angeles. It is complemented by “Distant Mystic,” a track that was recorded in an “industrial hall” in Berlin. According to the imprint, the “unpolished recording process embraces all the imperfections of improvisation and eschews any post production or overdubs.”

Unwilling Suspension of Disbelief is due to be released October 31. For more information on Espinosa, check out this feature from earlier this year, when Luke Cheadle caught up with the man himself.


1. Active Tension (Live in Los Angeles)
2. Distant Mystic (Live in Berlin)