Brooklyn-based Black Dice set the standard for dance-friendly noise-rock long ago, dropping albums on labels like Gravity, Troubleman Unlimited, and DFA. Now, the trio preps its debut for the Animal Collective-owned Paw Tracks imprint. Load Blown is, of course, filled with more of the spastic, cathartic, and abrasive synth-noise that is the band’s trademark, but it also showcases Black Dice’s ability to incorporate pop into the equation.

The intricate production on Load Blown is a testament to the 18 long months spent composing the album. “Kokomo,” for instance, is driven by a repetitive synth line that gets bombarded with an onslaught of tin can hits, deep, dubby bass, and vocals. Throw some meticulous bumps and clicks in there, and it looks like Load Blown is another step forward for the ever-expanding Paw Tracks catalog.

Load Blown is out October 23, 2007 on Paw Tracks.

1. Kokomo
2. Roll Up
3. Gore
4. Bottom Feeder
5. Scavenger
6. Drool
7. Toka Toka
8. Cowboy Soundcheck
9. Bananas
10. Manoman