In the summer of 2014, doomy electronic veterans Stuart Argabright (a.k.a. Black Rain) and Nino Pedone (a.k.a. Shapednoise) teamed up in Nino’s studio in Berlin to generate a bunch of supermassive bulbs of noise, whose chaotic energy is constantly reshaped by nonlinear broken beats.

Out of those studio sessions, four new tracks have been recorded, and will now be released on the Apophis EP via Cosmo Rhythmatic on August 20. The release will see three original tracks, as well as a remix of the song “Interceptor” by Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker, who easily deconstructed the inorganic rhythmic force of the original track through mutated jungle tropes, turning its anxious feel into a rioting piece of post dystopian hardcore. In this sense, the four tracks contained in Black Rain & Shapednoise’s Apophis EP felt like an embracement of fear as a destructive form of communion.

You can listen to a song by Black Rain below, and you can find out more about Apophis by clicking here.

Black Rain & Shapednoise Apophis
Release Date: Label: August 20th 2015 Cosmo Rhythmatic
Format: Catalogue Number: 12” / Digital CR02
A1 / Metal Home
A2 / Autonomous Lethality
B1 / Interceptor (Miles Ramen Reshape)
B2 / Interceptor