Black Taffy (a.k.a Donovan Jones) has released a new single via Leaving Records.

Black Taffy is a Dallas-based composer and performer whose current focus lies in pairing ambient music with large bass and percussion. The firstborn son of Pentecostal music ministers, Donovan grew up witnessing the power music has to induce trance and encourage spiritual awakening. Eventually drawing parallels between Christianity, voodoo, and the occult, he left the former to immerse himself in the latter. Sometimes performing with only vibraphone and cassette decks, he frequently employs the use of tape loops and other antiquated mediums to create pillowy worlds of wow and flutter.

Jones spent the better part of a decade composing and performing with ambient/instrumental outfit This Will Destroy You, yet he has since left that band to pursue composing and performing for himself.

“Geraldine” is the first single from the forthcoming Elder Mantis full-length (due Fall 2018), a “therapy record” which, in Jones’ opinion, features some of the “most therapeutic instruments” to sample and repurpose. We’re told that the “meat and potatoes” of this album are harp, koto, and flute with a small side of piano and nylon-string guitar. The sampled phrases were extracted from Western/Eastern classical music.

“Geraldine” is out now, streaming in full above, with an album coming soon.