Maxime Primault will debut on Shelter Press as Black Zone Magick Chant with Voyage Sacrifice.

We’re told that the LP sees the French shape-shifter swap the screwed alien dancehall of past outings in favor of miasmic subterranean ritual. Born of “a few very intense sessions, in altered states of consciousness,” the three sprawling compositions ooze in slow, smoke-choked darkness, awash with dungeon groans, molten bass, and distant demonic mumblings. 

Primault aims to “delete time, or escape time” with the music. “It’s a mental journey. I handled the sacrifice; the voyage is yours,” he says. 

The record follows Primault’s 2018 Black Zion Mystic Chant, an exploration of dub, dancehall, and screw music via Winged Sun Records as Black Zone Myth Chant. 


01. Lightless Mountain (11:23)

02. Incineration of Thoughts (10:39)

03. Where will we meet when our ashes are spread in the wind? / Crystal Monastery (22:19)

Voyage Sacrifice arrives on April 26, with cover art by José Maria Gonzalez below, alongside a stream of “Incineration of Thoughts.”