One of Oslo’s many space-disco patrons, Blackbelt Andersen is set to release his new album, aptly called Blackbelt Andersen II (artwork above). The record includes eight new tracks that—along with Full Pupp label boss Prins Thomas (who also has his second LP on the way)—the veteran tunesmith produced using old templates. Although this may seem like a shortcut to creating new material, the productions were carefully revamped through the use of effects boxes, guitar amps, and new synths. Additionally, while each track has its own unique sound, Blackbelt Anderson also seamlessly tied them together in a continuous mix which will be available on the CD and digital versions of his second full-length. You can check out the tracklist for Blackbelt Anderson II before it drops on October 15, below.

01. Åpenbaring
02. Delta Tango Alfa
03. Kosmos
04. Mann på Mars
05. Resten av ditt liv
06. Lagniappe del 1
07. Indre demoner
08. Postkort fra Berlin
09. Stressa ut
10. Lagniappe del 2
11. Haiku