London’s Blackest Ever Black will soon release the debut LP of Pessimist.

Pessimist, a Bristol-based artist, first captured a wider attention with his 2016 Balaklava 12” on Blackest Ever Black’s A14 sub-label, but the young Bristol producer’s singular aesthetic had been honed across important records for the likes of Samurai and Ingredients. Since Balaklava, the experimentation has continued apace across on EPs on UVB-76 and Osiris Music, and a remix of Schiari on Ilian Tape. This, however, will be his debut LP.

According to the label, the release is one in which Pessimist “not only seals his status as one of the most innovative and consummate producers currently drawing breath, he delivers a defining work which to us represents the culmination of nearly a decade of collective research and development in underground drum & bass.”

The label describes the release as a “noir, smoked-out dubscape” full of “jungle tear-outs,” “acidic rave,” “downtempo breakbeat” and “bombed-out industrial ambience.”


A1. Intro
A2. Bloom
A3. Grit
B1. Spirals
B2. Glued ft. Loop Faction
C1. War Cry
C2. Peter Hitchens
D1. No Matter What ft. Overlook
D2. Through The Fog
D3. Outro

Pessimist LP is scheduled for July 21 release, with “Spirals” streamable in full below.