Blacksea Não Maya will release Máquina de Vênus, a new EP on Príncipe.

Blacksea Não Maya is the collaboration of DJ Kolt, DJ Noronha, and DJ Perigoso, and this latest EP arrives five years after Calor No Frioo, their previous EP on Príncipe. Each artist submits at least one track to an eight-track release that shifts the music into another dimension, we’re told.

We understand that the release brings with it a sense of unease, with slow, grinding beats and moody atmospheres. “Sombre times for sure, the producers went with the flow and let their soul speak, opening up to those dark corners our brains have and stepping into them to embrace individuality,” the Lisbon label explains. This results in music that sounds like nothing else Blacksea Não Maya or anyone else has done before.

Blacksea Não Maya are based to the south of Lisbon, across the river Tejo. The crew started as a family affair with Kolt and DJ Joker, his uncle, around 2008. Noronha, Kolt’s brother, and Perigoso joined a year later. Joker has since pursued other avenues in life.

The release is mastered by Tó Pinheiro da Silva, with artwork from Márcio Matos.


A1. DJ Kolt “Terror”
A2. DJ Kolt “Obscure”
A3. DJ Kolt “7even”
A4. DJ Kolt “Tchiling District”
B1. DJ Perigoso “Horizonte”
B2. DJ Kolt “Bubadagash”
B3. DJ Noronha “Estranhos & Loucos”
B4. DJ Kolt “Africanalidade”

Máquina de Vênus EP is out on September 4. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream DJ Kolt’s “Africanalidade” below.