Benjamin John Power—half of Fuck Buttons—will soon release his third album as Blanck Mass.

World Eater is a reference to “both the inner beast inside human beings that when grouped en masse stops us from moving forward towards good” says Power. The release is said to “capture an anger and intensity through a progression of hissing electronics and furious beats” but also it also “possesses a tender side and amongst the rage lays actual love songs.”

“Being surrounded by so much hate in the world right now throws a whole new light on the importance of love,” he continues. “I have never set out to make a protest record. I’ve never set out to make any kind of record really, but during the creative process for this and any of my past releases I start to form a bond with the project as we grow together.”


01. John Doe’s Carnival of Error
02. Rhesus Negative
03. Please
04. The Rat
05. Silent Treatment
06. Minnesota / Eas Fors / Naked
07. Hive Mind

In advance of the album’s March 3 release, Power has shared a new track—titled “”Silent Treatment.” As Power explains, the cut “is about the problems that arise when we don’t communicate. We often grow apart when we don’t understand each other. Being left in the dark can lead to fear.”