Representing the latest wave of raw techno coming out of Detroit, Blank Code is a record label that continues to build momentum by having high quality producers on its side, while also constructing a strong following based on its resident DJ lineup and a well-known party series titled “Scene.” Since the start of the label back in 2012, Blank Code has seen a plethora of heavyweight techno records from the likes of Brian Sanhaji, DrumcellMaterial Object, and Luis Flores. The label also has a lineage of securing premiere remix packages that include productions from Brendon Moeller as Echologist, Mike Parker, and Project 313.

Next up for Blank Code is an EP on the more exclusive arm of the label called Blank Code Limited. The Porphyria EP, from Michigan based producer Joe Sousa, is slated for release on August 31, and will be distributed as a high quality digital download over on Beatport.

Check out Blank Code’s last compilation featuring artists from the label, and check out the Blank Code website for more information on their upcoming releases.