Photo: Marie Staggat

Blawan and Pariah will release their first album as Karenn next month.

Jamie Roberts and Arthur Cayzer wrote and recorded Grapefruit Regret during an intense studio session in Berlin over the summer. The resulting eight tracks, “as exuberant and colourful as their titles,” we’re told, “serve to both compliment and contrast with their infamous live shows.” It’ll come through Voam, their join label, next month.

Roberts and Cayzer began writing as Karenn in 2011, and have released two EPs this year: Kind Of Green and Voam Club Archive 001, which launched Voam Club Archive, an archival sub-label.

Artwork and design is by Sean Bell.


A1. Lemon Dribble
A2. Strawbs
B1. Peel Me Easy
B2. Raz
C1. Crush The Mushrooms
C2. Cloy
D1. Kumquat
D2. Taste Yourself

Grapefruit Regret LP is out in November, with “Crush The Mushrooms”—a big hit at Dekmantel this year—streaming below.