Parassela will release a new EP next month, titled Hedge Fund Festivals Kill Electronic Music, via  Gianvito Tripolis’  Overdraw. 

Parassela is the live and studio project of Blawan and The Analogue Cops. They have been releasing vinyl on Restoration and Vae Victis Records, after their quickly sold out debut on their own Parassela imprint.

HFFKEM (Hedge Fund Festivals Kill Electronic Music) is described as “state of the art biting techno,” and was written, mixed, and produced at Blawan’s headquarters in Berlin during a gloomy day of summer this year. The Analogue Cops, namely Alberto Marini and Domenico Cipriani, joined the bulky modulars of the studio with their roadie cutting edge Elektron machines. We’re told to expect “four gritty cuts” and “an infuriated conglomerate of liquefied analogue leads, rotten oppressive drums and trenchant FM drubbings.”

The EP is Blawan’s second release of the year, following June’s Wet Will Always Dry LP; meanwhile, The Analogue Cops have released a couple of EPs this year, including one under their OCP alias, for Discarded Gems and Hot Haus Records. 


A1. Hate T Tausend

A2. Yzzod

B1. Somor

B2. Influence Me

Hedge Fund Festivals Kill Electronic Music is out December 17 with “”Hate T Tausend” streaming below.