Berlin-based Zehnin keeps up a fine release schedule by asking Blawan to remix its inaugural EP from Lucy.

Blawan has been in his own sound world for years now. Releasing on the likes of Hessle Audio, Hinge Finger, and his own Ternesc, he’s made brutalist, heavily textured tracks, big room tools, and dark grooves with freaky sound design. It’s all helped to make him one of the most interesting producers of the day, and here he shows another side to his sound.

First up is his version of “The Hermit,” which is seven spacious and mysterious minutes of creeping pads and implicit rhythms. Dark but inviting, it’s stripped back, hollowed out techno that manages to be hugely absorbing and menacing without any clearly defined drums.

On the flip is the equally beguiling “The High Priestess.” Deep, subliminal kicks set the tone with groaning riffs, train-track percussion and distant, tortured pads.


A / 1. The Hermit (Blawan Remix)
B / 2. The High Priestess (Blawan Remix)

The Hermit / The High Priestess (Blawan Remixes) EP is scheduled for November 17 release, with clips streaming below.