Jamie Roberts, the British techno producer better known as Blawan, has announced the start of his own label, TERNESC. While largely occupied with building his Karenn project with Pariah over the past few years, Roberts is planning to inaugurate the imprint with his first solo material since 2012. As he explained earlier today on Facebook (and Resident Advisor reports), TERNESC is named for his London club night by the same name and will serve as the main platform for his productions under the Blawan moniker. The upcoming EP, entitled Warm Tonal Touch, offers four modular techno tracks and is slated for release on May 12; a follow-up record will reportedly arrive “not long after.”

Ahead of the release of Warm Tonal Touch next month, clips are available to stream below, where the EP’s complete tracklist has also been included.

01. Talatone
02. Fentanyl
03. Slow Mick
04. Blue Bottle