Bleep Bloop will release One Liners, a new EP, on Dome of Doom next month.

After a brief stint focusing on abstract rhythms and modular synthesizer racks, Bleep Bloop created One Liners with the intention of going back to some of the core rhythms and anthemic structures of his past. We’re told that the EP is produced with little restraint, and that trap beats are given an altered life-form, “splattered with sideways rhythms and gun cocks as each section transforms to maddening states within the blink of an eye,” the label explains.

Alongside the announcement, Bleep Bloop has shared “F12” featuring Def Jam’s Goon Des Garcons, one of the older songs recorded for the EP. On their collaborative work, Goon Des Garcon reflects: “I would call it X-Games mode. Trainspotting music lol. Shit feels like a Monster energy drink when I hear it. I love it. That’s my usual feel I like to go for but being on a Bleep Bloop produced track really makes it hit crazy to me.”

Few have pushed tonality in modern electronic music further than Bleep Bloop, real name Aaron Triggs, who began his career releasing music in the early 2010s, quickly rising on the DJ Shadow imprint Liquid Amber. This is his first release on Dome of Doom.


01. Hacker
02. Put U 2 Sleep
03. F12 (feat. Goon Des Garcons)
04. Out Here (feat. Gary Paintin)
05. Paying Dues
06. No Roof (feat. Gary Paintin)
07. What Are You In The Dark
08. Chromatin Landscape

One Liners EP is available on July 10 on cassette and digitally. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “F12” feat. Goon Des Garcons below.

Artwork by Gary Paintin