Sam Haar and Zach Steinman(a.k.a Blondes) will release a new LP on R&S Records.

A decade into their musical relationship, the NY-based duo continue to find inspiration through hardware instrumentation and improvisation. They got their start back in the early 2010s and have released almost exclusively through highly respected RVNG Intl. label. After parting company, however, the duo have found a natural home at R&S, as they explain:

“Having released on RVNG for years, we had wanted to move in the direction of releasing on a more dance music focused label. RVNG has established itself in the world of experimental music and reissuing overlooked records from the past, and we both (RVNG and Blondes) thought it would be immensely exciting for us to release this new record with R&S.”

“Warmth,” according to the label, finds the duo further stripping away extraneous elements and pushing their percussive framework to the forefront. The result is lysergic techno fused with the duo’s characteristic synth-work and atmospherics.


01. OP Actual
02. Clipse
03. Quality Of Life
04. Stringer
05. Trust
06. Tens
07. KDM
08. All You
09. MRO
10. Cleo

Warmth LP is scheduled for August 11 release, with “KDM” streamable in full below.