DJ and activist Vivie-Ann Bakos (a.k.a. BLOND:ISH) will launch the $BYEBYE token and a world-first “impact to earn” activation for her foundation, Bye Bye Plastic.

Announced during IMS Ibiza, Bakos will build and launch a $BYEBYE token off the back of a $75,000 grant through Socialstack as the inaugural recipient of Socialstack’s Climate Action Social Token Fund, an initiative in collaboration with Celo’s Climate Collective to fund and provide infrastructure to Web3 communities addressing the climate crisis. 

With the $BYEBYE token, Bakos will look to change the way the general public take to and implement true “climate change” and action.

“The sustainable and circular economy still needs to appear stimulating and incentivising in our everyday lives in order to win the tide of climate change,” Bakos explains. “With a token that rewards environmental actions, we aim to not only gamify, but also to effortlessly change the culture that will shape a plastic-free and more regenerative world.”

As part of the grant initiative, Bye Bye Plastic, a foundation that aims to remove single-use plastics in the music industry, will also run the first-ever Impact To Earn (I2E) campaign, which will aim to mobilize climate action through incentives and rewards, including $25,000 worth of $CELO tokens. 

You can find more about $BYEBYE and the initiative here.