Berlin-based UK producer BNJMN and Portland artist Best Available Technology (who has previously released with labels such as Opal Tapes and Left_Blank) will together issue a collaborative LP, De/Re-Contructions, via Astro:Dynamics next month. The 11-track record is said to be “a document of a musical dialogue between the two artists that has been ongoing for a number of years… the passing back and forth of ideas and snippets in the pursuit of feedback gradually grew into a body of work that eloquently moulds each artist’s sonic palettes and approaches.”

Our first glimpse into the musical world BNJMN and Best Available Technology have together created is beatless LP cut “022,” which dives into a stream of dubby chords, pulsing static, and scattered electronic spurts that intensify across the track’s two-plus-minute run. The video for “022” can be watched below, where the complete tracklist for De/Re-Contructions has also been included ahead of the album’s official release on February 23.

1. Wired
2. Things Go
3. Ghosting
4. 022
5. Tred
6. Raw Idler
7. Bolt
8. Bed Cult
9. Rift
10. Slake
11. Lair