The next release on Traffic Records comes in the shape of a split EP from Bodin & Jacob and Martyné & Jacob.

The Frankfurt label has risen to acclaim since its inception over four years ago, driven forward by label heads Martyné, Bodin & Jacob, and Patrick Klein. Most recently they released an EP from Z@P, a subject of our Bubblin’ Up series, once again proving their abilities in finding and releasing good music at the right time.

As label heads, both Bodin & Jacob and Martyné & Jacob have released on the imprint on several previous occasions, and this latest EP stems “from all three artists going crazy at Zollamt Studios.”

The Gesandt EP will be the label’s 11th release.


A1 : Bodin & Jacob “Wysam”
A2 : Bodin & Jacob “Temple of Kirby”
B1 : Martyné & Jacob “Gesandt Sandt”
B2 : Martyné & Jacob “Slowdawn”

Gesandt EP is scheduled for August 28 release, with clips streamable below.