Last month, Bok Bok dropped the Kelela-featuring single “Melba’s Call,” a stuttering and futuristic tune released via his own Night Slugs label. Now, Bok Bok has announced plans to follow up that 10″ with a proper EP titled Your Charizmatic Self, which will serve as the London producer’s first multi-track work since 2011’s Southside EP.

The upcoming seven-track effort is said to be thematically set inside the studio featured in the “Melba’s Call” music video (that same studio also appears on the upcoming EP’s artwork), using sonic elements like harsh reverbs to connote the concrete walls of the bunker-like music suite and warmer samples to express the interior jungle flora. Bok Bok’s Your Charizmatic Self EP is out on May 26; in the meantime, its album art and tracklist (which includes the original and instrumental version of “Melba’s Call”) have been included below.

01 Melba’s Call
02 Howard
03 Greenhouse (Day)
04 Funkiest (Be Yourself)
05 Greenhouse (Night)
06 Da Foxtrot
07 Melba’s Call (Instrumental)