In preparation for Friday’s Night Slugs ? Fade to Mind SXSW Showcase in Austin—a party which appeared on our recent SXSW guide—Night Slugs boss Bok Bok has posted a new mix for free download. Appearing as part of Fade to Mind’s occasional Fademix series, the almost hour-long session finds Bok Bok delivering his trademark take on space-age club music, hitting on tracks from preferred sources such as Kingdom, DJ Sliink, Helix, MikeQ, L-Vis 1990, and Jam City along the way. Fademix003 can be streamed and downloaded via the player below, where we’ve also included the set’s full tracklist.

01 (unknown) – (unknown) [Night Slugs Club Constructions]
02 Divolo S’vere – What I Want Ha (Ckunt Diet Remix Instrumental) [Qween Beat]
03 Bok & Trago – Work This Pussy [Night Voyage]
04 Jam City – (unknown) [Night Slugs Club Constructions]
05 Divolo S’vere – Giddy Up Ha [Qween Beat]
06 L-Vis 1990 – Ballad 4D VIP [Night Slugs]
07 Rushmore – Couture [Trax Couture]
08 DJ Sliink – Follow The Leader
09 Bok & Trago – Hole Driller [Night Voyage]
10 DJ Sliink & MikeQ – Werk’d It [Fade To Mind]
11 Kowton F U All The Time bootleg
12 Jeremih/ Joe/ Wiley – (AKITO bootleg)
13 Jam City – How We Relate To The Body (HELIX bootleg) [Night Slugs]
14 Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf – For The Women
15 Iknonika – Backhand Winners [Hyperdub]
16 Dat Oven – Icy Lake (L-VIS 1990 Refix 1) [Night Slugs / Fade To Mind]
17 Bok Bok – MJT (LOL GURLZ Black Nail Polish bootleg) [Night Slugs]
18 Kingdom feat. Kelela – Bank Head [Fade To Mind]
19 Jam City – Love Is Real (MOKONA bootleg) [Night Slugs]
20 151 Feva Gang – Shaking My Dreads