She’s been bombing the streets since the early nineties, leaving her trademark two-toned, three-taloned claw on walls around the world as she goes, but that’s not all the Long Island native has been up to for the last decade. In addition to making a name for herself in the street art world–a place that still attracts relatively few women–CLAW also owns Claw Money, her clothing line, has worked as a fashion stylist for Ice T, Ice Cube, and others, and founded the legendary graff crew PMS.

Bombshell is a close look at the artist’s life, as well as an exploration of the preconceived notions around her famous icon. And such a vivid, diverse figure makes for a page turning account that includes both the grit of the street world and simple scenes from home life. Graf writers Miss 17 and West, indie film star Patti Astor, SWINDLE publisher Roger Gastman, and others all contribute to these pages.

Bombshell: The Life And Crimes Of Claw Money is available through powerHouse books.