Simon Green’s production moniker, the occasionally funky and consistently soulful Bonobo, is only a month or so away from having another full-length album under its belt. Coming March 23 on Ninja Tune, Black Sands will be the fourth album Green has produced under the Bonobo name, and is preceded by the single “The Keeper,” which features the sultry voice of Andreya Triana. The song’s release will feature remixes from Redeyes and Bonobo’s labelmates Grasscut. Check out the album art and tracklist for Black Sands, as well as the video for “The Keeper,” below.

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1. Kiara Prelude
2. Kiara
3. Kong
4. Eyesdown
5. El Toro
6. We Could Forever
7. The Keeper
8. All in Forms
9. Wonder When
10. Animals
11. Black Sands