The end of 2006 saw powerHouse Books unveil It’s All Good, a collection of photographs from Brooklyn-based, Serbian-born artist Boogie. Images from that book, which collectively present a gripping exposé of street life’s underworld, now make their way to Tokyo, alongside pieces Boogie did for Japanese publication Commons&Sense.

Boogie has been shooting truly gritty subjects, like dope fiends and gangs, for the last 10 years. His work beautifully showcases the fleeting beauty and misery of daily life. While plenty of contemporary artists explore Social Realism today (ie. a completely unromantic vision of the present), Boogie’s honest and minimal approach to photography has a way of creating truly unique and affecting spaces, reducing the distance between the individual and the larger world.

The exhibition, presented by Nike, runs Thursday, April 28 – Saturday, May 6, 2007, at ESPACE 218 in Tokyo.