Simply known as Boogie to his fans, the Serbian-born photographer first garnered notice with stirring photographs of his war-torn homeland. One green card and a move to Brooklyn later, he now documents life on the fringe, from gangsters to junkies to some of New York’s most notorious neighborhoods.

Now, powerHouse Books–who released Boogie’s first monograph, It’s All Good–has gathered some of the self-taught photographer’s most striking and personal images for a new book, simply entitled Boogie. Limited to 500 copies, each signed and packaged with a numbered slipcase and accompanying print, this second monograph is a collection of images from Boogie’s travels around the world with camera in hand.

“Clean design and classic presentation allow for unfettered meditation of the world as Boogie sees it,” says powerHouse Books’ publicist Sara Rosen. “[It is] a stark, harsh reality humming with the poetry of empty lives, tired lives, chaos, and violence. There is nothing sentimental in his vision, yet it is an incredibly romantic portrait of ruin.”

If the book weren’t enough, two exhibitions in Paris have been scheduled to celebrate Boogie’s release. Style mecca Colette launched theirs yesterday, and will be displaying photographs through January 26. Then, the Galerie Olivier Robert will exhibit Boogie’s work from March 12 – April 12. Both exhibitions will feature photographs from Boogie.