Booka Shade will soon return with their sixth studio album, titled Galvany Street.

Galvany Street is described by the duo as a “new beginning,” and follows on from their Movements10 release which dropped last year. “2017 is the perfect time for a new start and to mix things up.”

According to the duo, the release marks the return to their pop roots in collaboration with former Archive singer Craig Walker and a few additional guests, including Urdur (GusGus), Australian Yates, and Daniel Spencer from London.

One of the “stand-out songs” on the album is “Babylon,” a ’90s Manchester-inspired anthem that is now available as a single.

“Babylon is about how in a relationship one person can be totally destroyed by the other with just words or in fact a single phrase. The lyrics are a conversation between two people in a relationship. They still love each other but can’t help destroying each other sometimes with words—we’ve all been there! People are ultimately very delicate no matter how physically strong they may be.”

For the single format, Booka Shade created two special versions of the song—a much shorter, more instant “Single Version” and a longer, club-friendly “Extended Mix.” Each single from the album will also feature an unreleased exclusive song, In this case, “Changes” in collaboration with Craig Walker.

Tracklisting (“Babylon”)

01 / A1. Babylon with Craig Walker, feat. Urdur (Single Version)
02 / A2. Changes with Craig Walker (Exclusive Unreleased Song)
03 / A3 Babylon with Craig Walker, feat. Urdur (Extended Version)

Galvany Street is scheduled for April 7 release, with a documentary about the album’s production streamable above.

Meanwhile, “Babylon” is available to stream below, too.