Booka Shade‘s Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merzinger don’t like idle time. After the release of their second full-length, Movements, in 2006, the Berlin-based boys took to the road with a fury, touring Europe, North America, and Australia exhaustively and dropping their beat-driven, tech-house singles along the way.

Though R&R might seem like the next logical step, the duo has instead opted to keep working. A new 12″, “Tickle/Karma Car,” is out today, and marks the first new material since Movements dropped. Made with a dancefloor in mind, the two tracks deliver a rush of moody synths, hypnotic techno melodies, and even some dulcet vocals Kammermeir and Merzinger hummed themselves.

Europeans (and those attending DEMF) can still catch Booka Shade out and about, at one of its upcoming show dates.

“Tickle/Karma Car” is out today, on Get Physical

Tour Dates
05/18 Skopje, MK: Hard Rock Club
05/19 Zurich, CH: Rohstofflager
05/28 Detroit, MI: DEMF
06/01 Venezia, IT: Il Muretto
06/02 Amheim, NL: Free Your Mind Festival
06/30 Istanbul, TK: Radar Live Festival