Fresh from his work with Busdriver on the recently released Roadkillovercoat (Epitaph), Boom Bip is back with his first solo endeavor since 2005’s Blue Eyed in the Red Room.

Saccchrilege is something of a left turn for the L.A.-based artist, who is more commonly associated with artsy hip-hop à la Daedelus. This is an electro record–hands down. Functioning on bassy percussion and the crunch of analog synth power, the EP is a healthy ascent into the realm of dance music, though it never fully abandons hip-hop (see Ali Lee’s Uffie-influenced rap on “Coogi Sweater”). Rather, Boom Bip takes a more experimental approach to the genre’s traditional sounds, adding the rebel disco sensibilties of Black Devil Disco Club, the choppy grooves of Daft Punk, and the more banging work of his Mush and Anticon. contemporaries.

However his brand of hip-hop evolves, expect plenty of risk taking, genre mashing, and pleasantly unpredictable results.

Sacchrilege is out April 23, 2007 on Lex Records.

1. Snook Adis
2. Rat Tail
3. Coogi Sweater (feat. Ali Lee)
4. The Pinks
5. One of Eleven