Photo: Venator Photography

Bosnian producer Billain has today released a transfixing music video for his new single, Infinite Blue, available now via Minnesota-based label Renraku.

Since his initial releases during the early 2010s, Billain, real name Adis Kutkut, has cultivated a strong spot in the global drum & bass community, with impressive EP across Bad Taste Recordings, Citrus Recordings, and Renraku, where he released Nomad’s Revenge, his debut album, in 2019. He began his career in music by working as a sound designer on films like “Pacific Rim” and “Hunter Killer,” and his love for film shines through on this new video.

The psychedelic visuals for Infinite Blue were executed by animation artist and director Hideki Inaba, illustrator Boris Stapić, and 3DCG specialist Kei Tsunatori, while Billain also took on directorial duties.

Infinite Blue precedes a new Renraku album, which will serve as his sophomore album following Nomad’s Revenge.


01. Infinite Blue

Infinite Blue is available now. You can order it here and stream the video below.

Art: Hideki Inaba