You’ll know Bostich + Fussible as two-fifths of Nortec Collective, and also for their contributions to the group’s Grammy-nominated Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3, which put the entire crew on the map as authorities on the Latin electronic scene.

The duo headed back to the studio last year and will release Tijuana Sound Machine on May 6, and whereas their work on Sessions was synth and vocoder heavy, the musical elements on Sound Machine lean in the acoustic direction. “[With this album,] we tried to achieve a better balance between the acoustics and the electronics,” explains Fussible (born Pepe Mogt). He also notes that many of the songs on this new album were written while the two were on tour with Nortec Collective, so the tracks span a time range of two years.

Meanwhile, they have some interesting “making of” videos posted on their MySpace page. Worth checking out while you wait for the album’s release.

1. The Clap
2. Nortena Del Sur
3. Brown Bike
4. Tijuana Sound Machine
5. Shake it Up
6. Rosarito
7. Akal 47
8. Jacinto
9. Mi Casita
10. Mama Loves Nortec
11. Cetron
12. Ciruela Eléctica
13. Retén
14. Wanted
15. Playbox