Photo: Taylor Eubank

Dome of Doom will welcome BOSTN for a new EP that “relaunches the project,” we’re told.

BOSTN actually started in 2018 as a phonk project, but the first 30 or so songs have all been removed from the internet. In March 2019, he moved away from that sound and into bass music, because he “wanted to play shows” and “didn’t see a live music market for instrumental hip-hop.”

Over the last four years, BOSTN’s previously released music has been more of an “experiment and journey of discovery,” he says. When he started making bass music he was trying to emulate and fit into a scene that was already established. Breaking away from that and stepping into his own authentic space has “changed everything,” he says. The EP is self-titled because it signifies a “rebirth” of the project.

“This EP is a big moment for me because these songs encompass what I was searching for—my own musical identity, a sound that is unique to me and pulls from my lifetime of many different musical influences,” BOSTN says. “At this time I don’t care how the music is received by others. I am solely in it to express myself and I think ultimately that authenticity is what will resonate with others.”

We’re told that the music on BOSTN is some of the “heavier and more brutalist sound work” released on the Los Angeles label to date. These songs, while being almost completely electronic in their composition style, aren’t necessarily for fans of electronic music. They’re dark, visceral, and unhinged, reflecting BOSTN’s musical background in hardcore, death metal, nu metal.

Conceptually, the EP is a “visceral story of greed and lust,” focused on “humanity’s complete disregard for the health of the planet and all of its living inhabitants,” we’re told.


01. Impiety
02. Violence
03. Ruminate
04. Grave
05. The End of Everything

BOSTN is scheduled for February 25 release on Dome of Doom. Meanwhile, you can stream “Violence” in full via the player below and pre-order here.