It doesn’t get any more London than Botchit & Scarper. The label rewrote breakbeat history in 1993 with its slew of singles from dub heads like Full Moon Scientist, break-master Freq Nasty, and tech-drum & bass originator B.L.I.M. The label also introduced listeners to the Long Time Dead sounds of T-Power and the hectic breaks of Atomic Hooligan, in addition to unleashing a breakbeat burner from DJ Mutiny last month.

To XLR8R’s delight, the forward-thinking imprint announced this week that it will launch a new sub-label, Studio Rockers, to represent the dread bass sound that’s been causing a stir in the underground. A label press release stated, “[Botchit] have always kept our ears to the ground, and when the and bone-shaking sounds of dubstep began to alight, we knew this forward-thinking genre was something special we could find our musical feet in.”

Hence, Studio Rockers will debut this month with producer ANS’ “Dungeon” single. Backed with the subby “Hallelujah” and meditative “New Worlds,” this inaugural offering sounds like Digital Mystikz mixed by Rockers Hi-Fi. Nice!

Studio Rockers will also be sponsoring a monthly party called Shades of Dub, at Plan B in Brixton, featuring Shut Up & Dance and Tony Thorpe (of Moody Boys) on July 27. Adrian Sherwood, Scuba, and Horsepower Productions are slated to perform August 24! Let the Summer of Dub begin!