Boy Jugo has released his debut EP, JUICED!

Boy Jugo is the alias of Jordan Reed, from Dallas, Texas. He found music through his brother, an artist named Capshun, and has put out a series of series of single-track releases, including “Shout It” to Bonsai Collective‘s first roster compilation, Hayashi. His music touches on neo soul and jazz.

Reed’s love for jazz shines through across the six tracks of JUICED!. It features Maxwell Taylor, Evan Barners, and Stephen Douglas on guitar. Kyle Ohm plays trumpet on “Roofus” and Alexander King contributes flugelhorn on “Yezzir!”

All profits go towards the Breonna Taylor justice fund.

We included this release in our list of black artists and labels to support on Bandcamp, which you can read here.


01. Packed (feat. Stillwater Max)
02. Truffles (feat. Stephen Douglas)
03. Channel
04. Roofus (feat. KileWithAnI & Bvrnes)
05. Yezzir! (feat. Alexander King)
06. The Quiet Loud

JUICED! EP is available digitally via Bandcamp. Check it out here, where you can also stream the music.